28 Most Epic Kisses In The History Of WWE


WWE Most Epic Kisses In The history Of wwe . 

Kiss. When his lips press against hers, gently beginning a moment so beautiful that everything stops, the bodies are set to fire, the hearts unite filling with love, lovers uniting for eternity. It’s something you cannot put into words, you can just feel, love, strange isn’t it? You won’t believe, these stars actually kissed in front of the audience in WWE. It’s really hard to believe something like that happened at a place where the opponents engage in a fight and things get out of control. It’s like turning a war zone into a garden of love. Here are the most epic kisses in the history of WWE.
List Of All Wrestler Kisser :p 

1. A firm kiss. AJ Lee and CM Punk.

 2. The drumroll. Christian and Trish Stratus

 3. The horrific Boogeyman kiss. Queen Sharmell and Boogeyman kissed.

 4. When lovers meet after an eternity. Edge and Vickie Guerrero. 

5. Aww, so sweet! Alberto Del Rio and Vickie Guerrero

 6. The incredible one. The Great Khali and Beth Phoenix

 7. Fervent and romantic. Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee 

8. That awkward moment. Paul Heyman and Ryback

 9. Perfunctory! Maria and Ric Flair

 10. No strings attached. Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella

 11. This one is heroic. Layla and Fandango

 12. Seems like sweethearts in their teens. Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae

 13. Kiss me baby! Eve and John Cena

 14. He is a gentleman. Stacy Keibler and Randy Orton

 15. Kiss my ‘hand’! Naomi and Cody Rhodes

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