5 photos the WWE doesn’t want you to see


In case you haven’t observed, the wwe has become extra than a bit captivated with maintaining the easy cut picture of the employer for the reason that decision to exchange over to pg-13. It is now a much cry from the times of the ruthless aggression generation and the attitude technology.

But, there are usually incidents which have a tendency to tarnish this photograph. Whilst the employer does its satisfactory to avoid those times, some of them are photographed and captured forever.

At the same time as the wwe would like those photographs to be destroyed for all time, the age of the net guarantees that these pictures are never misplaced, and vince mcmahon and co will need to desire that not too many humans encounter these popularity destroyers.

So, without in addition ado, right here are five pictures the wwe doesn’t need you to look:

5) Dean Ambrose as a jobber

Before he made an explosive debut on the main roster of the WWE as a member of The Shield, Dean Ambrose wrestled across the indy scene as Jon Moxley. Still very much in touch with his lunatic side even back then, Moxley was the indy scene version of Mick Foley with a love for strange hair.

Back in 2006, he was roped into a WWE show as a jobber for MNM – remember, the team of Joey Mercury, Melina, and Johnny Nitro? – and someone not only got a picture of it on camera, they managed to get the picture we see above.

Not only is one of the WWE’s current top stars sporting a bright pink ponytail hairstyle, but he also looks like he’s doing his best impression of a pig. Considering Ambrose’s current status as one of the top performers on the Smackdown roster, the WWE will want this picture forgotten right quick.

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