5 Potential feuds for Dean Ambrose on WWE Raw


I think it’s fair to say that Dean Ambrose is in need of a shake-up to his character and the ‘Superstar Shake-up’ could well give him that opportunity.

The ‘Lunatic Fringe’ was one of Raw’s top acquisitions in this week’s trades, but while he is still a popular member of the roster, he is not the main event star that many believed he would become when he first burst onto the scene. Ambrose isn’t a lost cause by any means. He always gets a great reception from the crowd and is still in the upper mid-card of the roster, as evidenced by him currently holding the Intercontinental Championship.

However, he isn’t the compelling character that many fans know he can be. But, with that being said, his recent move to Raw could give him the opportunity to propel himself into the main event scene.

Here are five potential feuds for Dean Ambrose on Raw that could help rejuvenate his career.

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