5 reasons Roman Reigns needs to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania


It hasn’t been made legit, but monday night’s episode of uncooked made it quite clean that roman reigns and the undertaker are set for a in shape at wrestlemania 33. With reigns closing the show on his again after a vicious chokeslam from the deadman, there’s little or no reason to doubt that the match will occur, specially thinking about the two diid the cliche stare on the wrestlemania sign as a part of their disagreement. Of course, maximum wwe fans have seen this suit coming at the least considering the fact that royal rumble, while reigns got here in at no. 30 and removed undertaker before barking on the phenom, “that is my backyard.”

Most of these equal fans are in all likelihood balking at this in shape, specifically due to the fact they don’t just like the belief of undertaker losing to reigns. Given reigns’ reserving history, it’s fair to expect that he could win, however that certainly shouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a fear. In fact, there are several motives that reigns clearly should take undertaker down on a stage where he turned into as soon as undefeated, regardless of the stakes in play.
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Roman Reigns beating Undertaker makes the most sense

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