5 User-Friendly Apps & Tools to Improve Photography


While smartphones cameras are getting better since last few years, it has also increased our skill of capturing even stunning images as well. Additionally, when you are having so many apps and tools included in the Google Play and iTunes for Android and Apple respectively.


Here is a glance through the comprehensive list for the best apps for the Android platform and Apple as well. Whether you are searching for camera app or image editing application, you will find the best here.



Get a look!


  • For iOS


The iOS phones are known for some of the excellent camera features and best of the specifications with a fancy zoom lens. Let us have a quick look at the best third party websites which would provide some more enhancement to the already best features.


  • VSCO Cam


Create and connect with VSCO. With VSCO Cam, you can shoot your images and edit the same with the superb presets and advanced camera controls as well. You can simultaneously publish those selected images with your VSCO profile and get likes and comments from the similar community.


Additionally, this app includes 19 of the best tools for photo-editing including exposure and contrasting as well.


  •  Camera+


It doesn’t matter whether you have barely touched a camera in your lifetime or a seasoned photographer. With Camera+, you will love to take different snaps with control of how dark or how light your shots would be produced. There are some shooting modes with the highest quality snaps and best in colour and quality.


There are several scene modes along with the stunning effects. Also, you can get rid of bad spots with the Lightbox feature available in Camera+.


  • For Android


It is estimated that every one people out of 5 use Android smartphone with them. Also, according to a research report by Google in the year of 2015, there have been 1.4 billion active Android devices on this planet. Nowadays, as days are going by, the camera specifications are getting better and better. There are many app developers who are developing some .apks which provide some extra perks along with the regular camera snaps. Have a look at them!


  •  ProShot


With ProShot, you get various modes to configure your camera, i.e. Auto, Program, and Manual modes along with two fully configurable modes just like DSLR. There is also a light painting mode with live preview and infinite shutter as well. There are also HDR, Action, and HDR modes being made available. You can zoom the snap with only one finger.


  • Open Camera


Open Camera is extensively featured and freely available app for both the Android phones and tablets. You can auto-stabilize your pictures perfectly. Furthermore, there is support for focus modes, colour effects, scene modes, and white balance along with other features such as face detection as well.


If you are not near the device, you can click the snaps remotely by voice command of “cheese” or a whistle. There is also an optimisation mode available.


  • Aviary


At Aviary, there are many fun stickers available when you start improving any picture. There is also a provision of colour balance along with adjustment of the brightness, contrast, and colour temperature with saturation too. You can draw and add your text and other customized shapes as well.


The apps above mentioned for each of the platforms will provide with an unforgettable platform while taking a snap each time. Whether you are a novice photographer or professional, you will require these apps at some point in time.


These apps are easy to use and would allow you to make the snaps even better. Some of them may take the time to master, but once you are done with the same, you will enjoy these extra features.


Have a try and get extraordinary results!

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