7 Ways WWE Can Make Roman Reigns the Greatest Heel of All Time


Wwe has been preserving out wish for roman reigns being a fan favourite for a long time, however after he defeated the undertaker at

Wrestlemania 33 , the ones hopes went out the window.

Being simplest the second person to overcome the deadman on the grandest degree of all of them changed into by no means going to win reigns extra assist, but wwe may have underestimated how a lot hate it would generate.

The subsequent night time on raw, reigns stood silently within the middle of the ring for 10 mins whilst the wwe universe showered him with boos. Whenever it appeared like he become about to mention some thing, the group were given louder.

When he finally spoke, he had just five words to mention: “this is my yard now.” with that quick sentence, reigns threw gasoline onto an already raging fire of hatred.

Wwe has  selections. It can keep its head inside the sand and continue seeking to make reigns a hero, or it could include the opportunity to create the greatest heel of all time. This slideshow will take a look at seven ways wwe can turn the huge canine into the maximum despised villain at the roster.

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