Android 8.0 Preview , Color Change And Features


The third Android O Developer Preview hit the Internet yesterday, giving us just one more version before Android O hits final release. While Google’s new OS seems to be mostly in a finished state, there are a few new additions to this third developer preview that are worth mentioning.
Not that the version number of a release really matters, but for people that care about this sort of thing, the third Android O preview spilled the beans on what Android O will be called when it gets released. The “about” screen identifies the OS as “Android 8.0,” killing any speculation about whether it would be called either 8.0 or 7.2. We still don’t know what the sugary snack the “O” will stand for, but we’re at least halfway to the real name.
New Media Icons

This API could automatically extract color from a source image and serve it up to an app for UI coloring. It preserved text contrast, and the API pooled colors into a few buckets like “Vibrant,” “Muted,” “Light,” and “Dark.” While the Palette API has been hanging around in Android for a while, Google basically never used it for anything.

New Icons Of Clocks

For now, there’s not​ much more to see in the new Android O Preview. Google seems to have much of the UI nailed down now, and while there are under-the-hood stability and bugfix improvements, finalized APIs, and other internal work, there aren’t many user-facing additions to talk about. Google says the final version of Android O should be out sometime this summer.

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