8 Actually Cool Gifts to Give to Your Best Friend


    8 Actually Cool Gifts to Give to Your Best Friend

    Your best friend is there for you through thick and thin. They listen, they cuddle, they help and they make you laugh. For this reason, they deserve a little pampering every now and then. If you are thinking about surprising your friend this year, here are eight actually cool gifts to give to your best friend.

    1. Offer to help

    We all need help at times, whether it is help with the dishes, the kids or studies. Its a good idea to give homemade gift vouchers to your friend and let them use your services when they need. A small gift voucher to watch the kids, clean the house or cook them dinner is a sweet and thoughtful gift idea to use. Of course, you always want to help your friend but providing these thoughtful gift vouchers is a cute way of reminding them that you are there.

    2. A relaxation hamper

    Create a small hamper with all things relaxation. This includes some scented candles from Dusk, facial masks from the Body Shop and perhaps your friends favourite CD or your own mix of their favourite songs. The hamper will let them have a moment of calm in this turbulent world. If you want, you can also include a few indulgent things to eat and drink a bottle of champagne and some luxury chocolate might just do the trick. It could also just be their favourite snacks like a bag of popcorn or a box of their favourite ice cream.

    3. A gift voucher to their favourite clothing store

    21If your friend is a fashionista, there is nothing better than getting them some new clothing. While you might know your best friend inside out, a gift voucher to their favourite store might still be the preferred option. This guarantees they get to buy exactly what they want and need.

    4.A bottle of their favourite drink with a recipe book

    Is your friend a fan of vodka? Perhaps they like to drink gin or they cant get enough of apple juice. You should give a bottle or a box of their favourite drink you can buy a lot of affordable drinks at Dan Murphys and include a small recipe book to go with it. This could be about pairing the drink with foods or different cocktail ideas for it. Check out Booktopia for ideas.

    5.A session of exhilarating experiences

    Sometimes we all need to step outside of our comfort zones and go for it. If you want your friend to find the spark of self-confidence, an experience gift of an exhilarating kind might just do the trick. This means taking a hot air balloon ride, driving a rollercoaster, doing a bungee jump or having a tough workout session in kickboxing or another such a high-adrenaline thing. Dont make the friend do anything they really hate or are afraid of but do pick something thats enough to show them that fears are for conquering!

    6. A fine dining experience at a top restaurant

    You could also gift a fine dining experience for your friend a moment to glam up and explore some of the finest cuisines in your city. Top restaurants and three-course meals dont have to cost a fortune. Red Balloon discounts @ OZCodes are perfect for finding a fine dining experience that will impress but wont break the budget. Pick something that cooks the cuisine your friends loves the most and dont forget you dont just have to opt for dinner top restaurants often offer luxurious breakfast and brunch experiences that are worth checking out.

    7. A pampering moment

    Your best friend might also enjoy a bit of personal pampering. This could be a trip to a spa, a makeup session, a new haircut or a massage. Whatever sounds the most relaxing to your friend should be your pick as the gift you can either purchase the session with the service provider or present your friend with an open gift card to a specific provider. This allows them to pick the kind of treatment they really want.

    8. A camera phone for photos

    If your friend is in need of a new phone, why not gift them one? Smartphones are surprisingly affordable these days and you could gift one with a great camera for better selfies. You can find a range of good camera phones for different budgets and help your friend capture the best pictures. Its a great way to ensure your moments together are always captured in the best possible way! If you find a phone too risky, there are quirky instant cameras for old-fashioned Polaroid pictures too.

    The above list is full of items and experiences your friend is bound to love. You definitely want to make the gift extra special and this doesnt always mean picking something expensive. You want to think about your friend instead of picking something random. So, what would your friend love the most on the above top eight list? Pick that one and youll make them smile.

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