Best WhatsApp Status, Image Status, One Liners for WhatsApp 2017


    WhatsApp Status: It’s 2k17 and finding best WhatsApp status is getting harder and harder. Most of the Whatsapp Status is already used by your friend and relatives. So, Finding unique and beautifully written WhatsApp is quite difficult in this arena. Here we have compiled some of the best Whatsapp Images Status, latest and untouched list for Unique WhatsApp Status & Quotes for you. Which includes WhatsApp status quotes, short love status and much more.

    Things you are going to get in this articles are:

    • Cool Whatsapp Status
    • WhatsApp Images Status
    • Unique Whatsapp Status
    • Status for WhatsApp
    • Whatsapp Status in Hindi

    WhatsApp Status: Best Status for WhatsApp

    • I speak two languages, Body and English.
    • Everyone says that love hurts, but thats not true. Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, losing someone hurts. Everyone confuse these things with love.
    • Death Whatsapp Status, Sad Death Status, Death Anniversary Status, Dog Death Status, Waiting for Death Status.
    • Guys Have No Idea How Long Something They Said Can Stay In A Girl’S Mind.
    • Find The Guy That Will Take You Home To Meet His Parents, Not His Bedroom.
    • Sometimes I Pretend To Be Normal, But It Gets Boring So I Go Back Being Me.

    1 Line WhatsApp Status (One Liners)

    • Don’T Take My Kindness As A Sign Of Weakness.
    • The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude.
    • Don’T Like My Attitude ? Good, F*Ck Off Then !
    • Unless You Are Oxygen, Yes I Can Live With You.
    • I Know I’M Awesome. So I Don’T Care About Your Opinion.
    • Attitude Is Like A Price Tag, It Shows How Valuable You Are.
    • I’M The Master Of My Own Thoughts, My Mind Will Obey Only Me.
    • Of Course I Talked To Myself..Sometimes I Need Expert Advice!
    • 80% Of The Boy Have Girl Friends..Rest 20% Are Having Brain ????
    • I’D Rather Be Hated For Who I Am, Than Loved For Who I Am Not.
    • Life Gets So Much Better When You Cut The Negative Bullshit Out.
    • Looser..Is The One Who Creates A Winner So..I Don’T Mind Loosing.
    • Excuse Me. I Found Something Under My Shoes Oh It’S Your Attitude.
    • Be A Girl With A Mind. A Woman With Attitude And A Lady With Class.


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