Jeff Hardy Dream Matches – Top 5 That We Want To See Happen


On the April 17th, 2017 episode of Monday Night RAW, Jeff Hardy wrestled Cesaro in what WWE hyped as a dream match. This instantly had us thinking, what would be some other fantastic Jeff Hardy dream matches in WWE? Here is our top 5 list.

5) Jeff Hardy vs Kevin Owens

I assume that jeff hardy vs kevin owens would be an super healthy and certainly suits in my description of what a dream match must be.
The fit would work from the conventional perspective of a heel (owens) vs the babyface (jeff). There is absolute confidence in my thoughts that owens could be able to accumulate a feud with jeff at the microphone. Jeff isn’t going to get booed by using the wwe universe and owens ought to play the function of villain perfectly.
In the ring, i think it is able to be excellent. Jeff isn’t know for his technical capability however constantly entertains the gang. Owens is a super wrestler in his own proper, with a ton of actions in his arsenal. I would wager that jeff could be inclined to take even some of his greater dangerous ones (google your self top movements of kevin steen if you need a preview).
I think it would be a exceptional match and one that i need to look before jeff hangs up the boots.

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