John Cena & Nikki Bella Wedding Date Soon ! Full Details 


Nikki Bella and John Cena have only been engaged for 24 hours, but they’re already talking about their upcoming wedding! In a new interview, April 3, the couple revealed that they may be walking down the aisle sooner than later! You have to get the scoop on their upcoming plans!

Nikki bella, 33, and john cena, 39, are formally engaged and they’re already talking all things wedding. So, let’s get to the apparent question that’s possibly on all of us’s minds — seeing that john proposed inside the ring, will he and nikki get married in the ropes? And, the answer is… “no,” in keeping with nikki, who laughed when she answered to the query in the course of their appearance on the today show, april three. So, we won’t get a wrestlemania 34 wedding ceremony in any case…
But, she and john had been sincerely glowing after they teased that their wedding might be “quickly.” despite the fact that the couple hasn’t set an legit date, nikki admitted that she’s been scrolling thru her cellphone calendar to look which dates could paintings for them to tie the knot. “i want to get the celebration commenced,” she gushed while talking about their upcoming wedding ceremony!  Ah!

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