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    Karwa Chauth Katha, and Pooja is done when the fast is kept. This fast is kept at least 9 days before Diwali festival which falls on the 4th day of the Kartik month as per the Hindu calendar.

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    The Ritual of Karwa Chauth Katha, and Pooja

    Karwa Chauth is deemed as one of the most famous fasts celebrated by the wedded Hindu women. On this day the wedded ladies pray for the well-being and continued life of their men. The festival is observed particularly in the northern parts of India.

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    In this fast, the wedded ladies have to eat at the time of dawn, i.e., before sunrise. For the whole day, they are not allowed to drink even water as per the tradition. When the day is about to over, i.e., in the evening time, these ladies listen to the Karwa Chauth Katha (the legend), the post which the fasts get over.

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    The Process of Karwa Chauth Pooja: How to do?

    The pooja arrangements commence a day in advancement. Coupled women purchase the shringar or the classical ornamentations and the other items like the karwa, heena, matthi etc.

    Early in the morning, i.e., at the time of dawn, they cook food and have it. As the morning passes by in other celebratory actions like decorating hand and feet with heena mehndi, the pooja thali and engaging with friends and relatives, the married enjoys the fast a lot.



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    In the late afternoon, ladies assemble at a general place like the temple or a garden or someone’s’ place who has managed the pooja. An aged lady or the pujarin then tells the legend of Karwa Chauth.

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    The most part of this gathering during the Karwa Chauth Katha and Pooja is listening to the Karwa Chauth story, a special mud pot is kept which is regarded as a spokesperson of lord Ganesha, a metal urn loaded with flowers, water, idols of Ambika Gaur Mata, Goddess Parvati and some fruits along with mathi and food grains are also kept. A part of this is contributed to the deities and the narrator of the katha.

    In the Beginning an idol of Gaur Mata was built using earth and cow dung. but no-a-days just an idol of Goddess Parvati is kept. Everyone inflames an earthen lantern in their thalis while hearing to the Karwa Chauth story. incense sticks, Sindoor, and rice are also kept in the thali.

    At this time the ladies dress in a heavy saris or chunries that are in red, pink or any other bridal colors, and decorate themselves with all other representations of a wedded woman like nose tika, pin, bindi, chonp, bangles, pendants etc.

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    Post rising of the moon, the ladies then see the reflection in the thali via water or through a dupatta or a sieve. They contribute water to the moon and endeavour blessings. They pray for the security, accomplishment and long life of their men which the marks the end of the day-long fast.

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