New WWE Video Roman Reigns Look Strong 


    Wwe’s modern day “things” video (it was once “five matters” whilst tom phillips did them; beneath corey graves they’ve gotten greater bendy about the range… And, i formally understand way an excessive amount of about wwe youtube collection) will probable rile a few people up.

    Roman Reigns Video
    As it’s about roman reigns, and the whole thing approximately the huge canine riles some people up. It’s understandable, too. It often does sense just like the enterprise is going out of their way to hype “the man” – even past their promotional duty to do so.
    Is that this one of these instances? Making a decision.
    Right here are the four “awesome statistics already damaged by means of roman reigns”:

    Going undefeated in six-man tag matches for six months after The Shield debuted. Not counting a disqualification loss in May, the trio of Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins went 12 – 0 from November 2012 until June 2013, when Team Hell No & Randy Orton beat them on SmackDown with Daniel Bryan forcing Rollins to tap.

    – Tying the most eliminations in a traditional, five-on-five

    Survivor Series match when he eliminated Jimmy Uso, Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Rey Mysterio in 2013 as the sole survivor on the winning Shield/Real Americans team.

    – Most eliminations (12) in a Royal Rumble match in his 2014 debut. In dropping that stat, Graves also reminds us that Roman’s been in the final three of the last four Rumble matches (aka every Rumble he’s ever entered).

    – Main eventing the largest

    WrestleMania in history last year at AT&T Stadium.

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