Rumours : Plans Of Brock Lesnar After SummerSlam 2017


Great balls of fire’ will mark the first time that brock lesnar has defended his wwe general championship given that winning it at wrestlemania 33. Brock will defend his title against samoa joe at the occasion in a surprisingly expected suit.

There have additionally been multiple rumors circulating about lesnar and his capacity opponent at ‘summerslam’. Irrespective of who he faces, brock is predicted to battle at the occasion. However what approximately after?

Brock is currently being marketed by means of wwe.Com to battle at the ‘no mercy’ pay-per-view. The occasion takes vicinity on september 24th, 2017 in la. That is the pay-in line with-view event at once after summerslam.

Which means that brock can be wrestling at 3 straight events for the uncooked logo. That is very exciting because of how little he has defended his regular title for the first few months of his reign.
Additionally, this can imply brock can be losing the title at ‘summerslam’ and ‘no mercy’ would be the event where he gets his rematch. This is simplest speculation and we can ought to be patient what takes place.

As of penning this, brock isn’t being advertised by using wwe for the ‘tables, ladders and chairs’ occasion in october or ‘survivor collection‘ in november.

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