Big Updates Of WWE Plans For Roman Reigns At SummerSlam


In spite of hard the winner of brock lesnar vs. Samoa joe to a healthy at summerslam for the wwe normal championship, the dirty sheets podcast has revealed roman reigns will not be worried within the name in shape at summerslam.
The wwe teased a chief summerslam announcement from roman reigns, which took place this week on uncooked. Roman claimed to be the no.1 contender, declaring he would face the winner of brock lesnar and samoa joe at summerslam earlier than being interrupted by way of joe.
Roman Reigns SummerSlam

Joe then defeated roman in a while inside the show, while he changed into distracted by way of a returning braun strowman.

Despite the statement, roman reigns will now not face brock lesnar at summerslam. Roman is expected to lose his ambulance fit to braun stowman at high-quality balls of fireplace, so as to make strowman the no.1 contender for the wwe familiar championship going into summerslam.

The wwe have nevertheless no longer decided on whether or not they’ll be doing lesnar vs. Strowman or lesnar defending in a fatal four manner match, if you want to manifestly characteristic strowman as a challenger.

Roman and braun will face off in an ambulance suit at the excellent balls of fire ppv. The show might be headlined with the aid of the samoa joe and brock lesnar conventional championship suit.

The destiny of the frequent championship has been truly mapped out for the complete year. This truely would not take a seat nicely with a few enthusiasts, who are aware that the ever unpopular roman reigns is man whom the wwe have selected to dethrone the “beast in carinate” at the cease of his 12-month run.

This does incredibly handcuff the likes of samoa joe, finn balor, seth rollins and braun strowman, who all know their ceiling for next year.

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