Ryback talks about what Vince McMahon keeps in his suitcase ?


What’s the story?

Ryback has revealed what Vince McMahon keeps in his suitcase at all times. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion gave out the the story on the latest edition of his controversial podcast, Conversations with the Big Guy.

In case you didn’t know

The Big Guy has been outspoken, to say the least, ever since he has left the WWE.

The former Nexus member has spoken about a number of issues related to the company in addition to having a number of stories about numerous Superstars still with WWE. He apparently has no issues with burning bridges, and this is just the latest in a string of tales that Ryback has told.

The Heart of the matter

During episode 26 of the aforementioned podcast, Ryback went into detail about what exactly was in Vince’s suitcase.

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