WWE SummerSlam Confirmed Shield Reunion Matches 2017


The current plan for the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose storyline will see the pair team up and challenge the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.
Shield Reunion
Rollins and ambrose were each formerly inside the protect, but, the pair fell out when seth rollins turned heel on his fellow protect individuals to enroll in triple h and form the authority.

In latest weeks, the pair had been reluctantly reunited towards the miz and his miztourage, but, while rollins appears to absolutely devoted to teaming with ambrose, ambrose remains hesitant to believe rollins, given his prior flip.

Rollins and ambrose will pair up at summerslam to face cesaro and sheamus. Unique plans known as for sheamus and cesaro to guard in a multi-character tag in shape, even as rollins and ambrose were poised for a triple danger match with the miz.

But, innovative have determined to stay with the defend reunion storyline, which is set to culminate with ambrose sooner or later accepting the traditional defend fist bump – maximum probable after triumphing the raw tag titles at summerslam.

After defeating the miztourage in a 2-on-3 handicap match on raw closing night time, the pair is probably to show their interest to raw tag titles as early as next week’s raw.

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