Reason Why Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns is now happening at SummerSlam 2017


Rumors started out circulating in advance this week that wwe changed into changing their plans for this yr’s summerslam, which would, in flip, additionally trade their booking direction for wrestlemania 34 next year.

Wwe’s unique reserving plan was to have brock lesnar defend the regularly occurring championship at summerslam against braun strowman, after which he might later have any other identify healthy towards roman reigns at wrestlemania 34.

However, the ones plans may additionally have now changed if speculation is to be believed, as the conflict between lesnar and reigns may additionally had been introduced forward to this yr’s summerslam, at the same time as the huge canine will now face john cena at the exhibit of the immortals subsequent 12 months.

This can easily be modified reserving sensible to make feel, as the wwe isn’t in full summerslam party mode yet, but the reason why the company has determined to alternate their plans were now not apparent.

They’ve reported there has been some talks that the lesnar vs reigns conflict has been driven ahead to this 12 months’s summerslam, in preference to having it at wrestlemania 34, in an effort to enhance monday night raw rankings.

They’ve stated having the prevalent name returned on raw each week ought to assist enhance the negative rankings wwe have been receiving as of overdue, hence the trade of plans.

Along cena now being a free agent, uncooked ought to have a massive tv rankings boost over the weeks leading up to summerslam, as they have got the capability to characteristic the cenation chief, the nice incarnate, and the widely wide-spread championship all on the equal display as other pinnacle uncooked superstars like reigns.

Greater than in all likelihood, reigns may be winning the commonplace title from lesnar at summerslam, which means he could nevertheless be champion come going through cena at wrestlemania. Cena hasn’t foremost evented wwe’s largest display for the reason that wrestlemania 29 and even though a few enthusiasts won’t be glad approximately it, having him face the big dog for the name will make the event a have to-see.

Nonetheless, this now leaves lesnar up within the air for next year’s wrestlemania if he is now facing reigns at summerslam, however a character just like the beast can continually put on a show, so it does not sincerely count who he faces.

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