The Miz Defends Roman Reigns Against Criticism


The miz was currently a guest at the gorilla role podcast. In the course of the podcast, he became requested how he would book roman reigns. The miz ended up protecting reigns towards grievance that he receives from fanatics.
“he’s promoting the most merch out of all of us. People are going to take a seat there and move ‘properly, he have to be right here; he shouldn’t be doing this.’ nobody is aware of. No one has a scientific formula to being the maximum ‘over’ superstar in all the wwe.”

The miz continued, saying that reigns receives a response each time that he comes to the ring:

“the hardcore enthusiasts will take a seat there and go ‘oh nicely, you recognize, they’re shoving him down our throats. How dare you do that? Blah, blah, blah.’ however i assure there are youngsters obtainable that sit down down and observe him — there are ladies out there that cross ‘oh my god,’”

He provides that there are no completely accurate and terrible guys in wwe right now anyway:

“no person likes the good ‘ol common superman, ? Nobody wants that anymore. Everyone wants that blend of grey”

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