Watch Braun Strowman And Big Show Destroy The Ring In An Explosive Raw Finale


For the 1/3 time in wwe records, the massive show got superplexed off the top rope so difficult that it broke the entire ring. This time, the aggressor became braun strowman, who continued his reign of terror by laying waste to huge show, and with the aid of extension, the squared circle. This become how the primary event of monday night time’s episode of raw ended:

Ensure to preserve your eye on the referee going ass-over-teakettle out of the ring there.
This whole match among strowman and large display was constructed round both men looking to superplex the opposite, and the crowd stuck on to precisely what they had been doing right from the outset. By the time the end got here, the group become clearly rabid for the ring to crumble. And the 2 giants did not disappoint.
The primary time wwe pulled off this trick became on smackdown lower back in 2003, whilst brock lesnar controlled to superplex large display, busting the ring all to smithereens.

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