Why Roman Reigns Always Wear a Vest ? Reason here


Over the last couple of years, no wrestler in the wwe has paralleled john cena in being polarising than roman reigns. Just like cena, the mixture of boos and cheers isn’t always due to poor ability, however poor booking.

As a samoan powerhouse, reigns absolutely has an impressive physique to go together with his speed and energy. So why does reigns wear the tactical vest he has sported for the reason that days of the shield? As you can see from reigns’ days in nxt, he didn’t constantly put on the vest…

While roman become within the defend it made whole feel, it performed into who he, dean ambrose, and seth rollins had been. It’s almost been three years due to the fact rollins grew to become his lower back on the guard, but yet roman nonetheless wears the vest. There are a few true theories as to why.

Those theories range from surgical scars to consolation within the ring to vending to easy appears. The primary principle offers with a surgical treatment that reigns had a couple of years in the past.

In the fall of 2014, reigns needed to have emergency surgical procedure because of repair an incarcerated hernia. As a end result, reigns missed the night of champions pay consistent with view that month. It’s far feasible that the nature of the emergency left a pretty sizeable scar that the wwe doesn’t need to have highlighted on considered one of their most driven superstars.

All of us recognise that vince mcmahon sees dollar signs in relation to roman reigns; that is why he has pushed him so difficult. It’s miles possible that roman wears the vest for two motives, it’s miles something to marketplace and it’s far a unique appearance that no other wrestler has.

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