Will John Cena Be A Hollywood Superstar?


It appears as if the 15-time wwe champion is prepared to commit to the huge screen. Can he be as successful as former competitors dwayne johnson and dave bautista, or is cena only a flash in the pan?

We’ve seen cena act in pretty a few films (sisters, trainwreck). I’ll admit, i was quite surprised through the end result. You may describe him as funny, touchy, and difficult in those roles. Most of all, you ought to name john cena proficient.

Expert wrestling is just as a whole lot about the person you painting on screen as it is the real wrestling. Cena has been one of the most charismatic employees in the wwe. John cena is aware of how to work the gang. And irrespective of whether or not he’s cheered or booed, there’s usually a reaction.

This bodes well for cena’s probabilities in hollywood.

He’s going to attract money. Already the wwe’s maximum marketable name, cena has a huge fan base.

And even as a few net wrestling lovers declare cena sucks, there might be masses of interest in a John cena film.

Have a look at the careers of johnson and bautista. The 2 were some of the greatest superstars the wwe has ever had. Because of their fulfillment in wwe, they’re both a number of the biggest stars in hollywood. And that’s in huge component because they garnered so much attention in the wrestling international.

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