WWE has big feuds planned for WWE and Universal Championships


The superstar shake-up seems to have made a mess of numerous storylines with stars switching manufacturers in advance this week.

Kevin owens turned into moved to smackdown live and will protect the name at payback towards monday night raw’s chris jericho, with the winner being moved to the blue logo.
There’s a comparable scenario with the wwe championship too, with raw’s bray wyatt scuffling with smackdown’s randy orton – even though the winner isn’t expected to join the crimson logo.

Way to dave meltzer of the wrestling observer e-newsletter, the imminent plans for some titles were found out.
Within the cutting-edge version, it’s been claimed that the upcoming residence of horrors in shape at the payback pay-in step with-view might be the blow-off contest among the eater of worlds and the viper, where orton will retain his title – so the wwe championship isn’t being moved to uncooked.



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