WWE’s Falls Of The Roman Empire


Pro wrestler Roman Reigns won a Championship Belt in January 2016, but continues to get jeered by WWE fans. (Getty Images)
Roman Reigns made his WWE main roster debut in 2012 as part of the three-man wrecking machine known as The Shield. Standing alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the trio, Reigns served as the silent strength, delivering Superman Punches and Spears in the name of “justice,” or sometimes simply as part of a for-hire mercenary group. He spoke few words — typically nothing beyond “Believe that,” or “Believe in The Shield,” but his shiny dark hair, blue eyes and strong jaw easily made him the most compelling to look at, or at least the most conventionally handsome member of The Shield.

But this is pro wrestling, and The Shield was not meant to stick together forever, which is where the problems began for Reigns. When Rollins aligned himself with the Triple H-led Authority, taking a chair to Reigns’ back and dissolving The Shield, Reigns was positioned as the most main-event ready of the three. The problem was that he wasn’t as ready as advertised. His in-ring work still needed improving and honing, and his speaking skills on the microphone were even less polished.

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